Welcome to IBPC

Dedicated to fostering international cooperation and commerce between global businesses and their Myanmar counterparts, IBPC is a private sector-led entity. With a membership of over 100, it continues to grow. These members have created a strong and highly inter-linked network of business interests and have been instrumental in embracing the bright new future of Myanmar which has been unfolding since the country transitioned towards democratic rule. IBPC’s main aim is to work independently with industry players who are interested in investing in, or doing business with, Myanmar. Members organise business delegations and roundtable meetings to address queries from investors and discover how to work together to realise their mutual potential.

Since Myanmar re-emerged onto the world stage and its economy opened up to the global community, both the investment climate and trade possibilities have rapidly improved. However, one of the most critical factors of doing successful business in Myanmar is undoubtedly finding the right local partner. This is a compelling issue that IBPC’s founder, U Aik Htun realised when it started its first activities over two decades ago. Exploring the wealth of opportunities afforded by Myanmar’s resource rich lands and seas can be a rewarding but also bewildering experience. IBPC capitalises on the strong local knowledge of its members to facilitate business delegations visiting Myanmar and broker deals with foreign counterparts.

What Does IBPC Do?

Since the Chairman of Shwe Taung Development Co Ltd, U Aik Htun founded the International Business Promotion Centre (IBPC) in 1998, many companies seeking to further their business interests in Myanmar have turned to IBPC as an entry point into the market.

Events organised by IBPC have included hosting foreign delegations visiting Myanmar, participating in business matching sessions, attending ambassadorial meetings and doing networking dinners as well as taking part in all manner of exhibitions and gatherings.

IBPC undertakes overseas trips to actively promote Myanmar, create greater awareness of its offerings and pursue business partnerships. As such IBPC’s members have been actively involved in encouraging relations with more than 75 different countries over the years.


IBPC’s Mission

Through our many activities – both formal and informal – IBPC aims to achieve a number of goals:

To share

our extensive knowledge about doing business in Myanmar and the changes that are taking place

To provide

information about Myanmar to parties interested in trading with or investing in the country

To promote

business relations between the private sector of Myanmar and international companies

To encourage

and facilitate foreign businesses to invest in Myanmar for the mutual benefit of all entities

To help

local business communities to gain greater exposure to other business communities from around the world

To generate

more business contacts with overseas companies and find synergies between them and their Myanmar counterparts

International Outreach

IBPC’s members have been on business delegation trips to over 75 different countries
around the world to spread the word about Myanmar’s potential and help boost the economy.
We plan to continue to extend our hand to our global partners and expand our connections in more and more nations.

Latin America


Africa & Middle East

Asia & Oceania

North America

Chairman’s Message

Myanmar is undergoing a period of unprecedented change – politically, socially and economically. Change takes time, and change is unsettling. The burning question on potential foreign investors’ minds is whether we are on the right path. I am fully confident that we are.We are seeing increasing openness to foreign investors, the creation of a more level playing field and commitment to enhanced transparency.

At this critical juncture, it is even more important for us to strengthen ties with international partners. We would like to welcome everyone to be part of Myanmar’s incredible journey.

U Aik Htun
Chairman Of IBPC

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